No one may force or impose on
anyone, but everyone must take full
responsibility for own choice and
decision – base on either: God Will
or selfish ‘little will’ of personality.

We can only advise, direct, explain
and share: all Truth, all True Teachings
and what we seek, found, studied,
understood, assimilated, experimented,
experienced, realized, affirmed and still
Applying Daily; and Totally Complying
with all of Lord's Teaching.  

We are joyfully and continuously
learning; and selflessly serving; while
waiting for coming new, advanced
teaching from Lord.

As everyone having God-given ‘sacred
free will’, which is GOD WILL or
‘Goodwill for All’ (
only when correctly
use ‘free will’ for Common Good
) –
so everyone must discern and make
own decision and choose.