*3.)  Whosoever committed
Disobedience, Disrespect, Rebellious
and Hostile to one’s earthly True
teacher, is literally demeans to Lord –
therefore must bear the Heavy Karma
to clear or payback in near future.

Subordination is:

a.)  An essentially important foundation
of the Cosmos.

*b.)  Only when lower subordinates
to the Higher, can receive
Guidance, Help and Lead By
the Higher.
(P.) Section II.

Subordination throughout Cosmos

)  Whenever violations of Equilibrium
and Concordance (or Harmony)
occurred ‒ that will Unavoidably,
Inevitably and Eventually cause chaotic
situations, upheavals and catastrophic
calamities ‒ happen to restore the
Original Equilibrium.

*2.)  Nearest earthly True teacher:
as accepted, assigned, authorized,
approved and given to worthy
students—by Lord Maitreya;

So each and every student must
Devote, Obey, Respect, Revere and
Subordinate to one’s earthly True
teacher—as representative of Lord