Thus, more worse yet to come: almost
every year by two weather extremes,
through ‘deadly more hot temperatures’
and ‘deadly freezing weather’.

Indeed, year after year, will becoming
worse for years – before better and
settling down of weather.

Please remember that everyone
fortunate to Overcome the End Times
Calamities and Survive, MUST
Test of Homelessness – just
like each and every disciple have to
pass through (as Requirement) –
before enable to enter the ""Heaven on
New Earth"" probably by 2025 onward.

As Lord said, one must First Striving to
‘know yourself and save yourself
first’ as ""Self-Savior for own Self-
by own hands; feet; sweat;
and when necessary, even by own
BEFORE enable to truly help
and save others.
Q.  Light Middle Way Update
August 2016 (Part 2)

Section I.

Synopsis of New Era of Earthly

Hello, our Loving Sisters and Brothers.

Now IS TIME to wake up, fully be
prepared, and ensure you and all your
love ones are ready, to Make Safe from
the series of continuous, both
man-made and natural destructions,
probably until 2024.

As we already know, mankind is Now
Facing ""Cross-Road"" at the end of old
Pisces Cycle, so Earth and Humanity
are undergoing the Purification or
Purgatory Phase NOW.