4.)  ‘Unification in silence’, or ‘unity
in solitude’, or concentrated silence:

a.)  Gather special energy, become
more powerful than even loudest voice.

b.)  Silence is as action.

c.)  Whenever [events of] great
importance taking place, Spiritual
Hierarchy entire Abode merge into
profound silence.

*5.)  Agni yogi will:

a.)  Be approach by super-radiant fires
of space.

b.)  Exchange thought with the sparks
of spatial consciousness.

c.)  Silently kindling thoughts.

d.)  Answering questions.

e.)  The Fire of Space illumines the
far-off worlds.

N.  Synopsis of Important Teachings
from Agni Yoga (Part 1)

Section I.

‘The Next Step’

Important Short Facts:

1.)  West cloud indicates coming rain.

2.)  South wind indicates coming heat.

3.)  The equilibrium of the world can
only achievable by mankind’s
radiations, that purify condensed strata.