However, bear in mind the reminder
from Lord Maitreya: that even after one
Buddhi Consciousness –
disciple’s each and every deed will
continue to correspondingly generate
new consequence, result or effect.

So from each newly generated effect,
becomes New Cause; in turn
continuously generating further New
Effect; and so on endlessly

So why, wise disciples:

Consciously, Willingly and
Continuously Detaching and
Renouncing (permanently and
forever) ALL temporary, transitory
and perishable things.  Aum.
Real and Only Solution To Solve:
One’s ‘Mountain of Karmic Debts

remember this most
essentially important Truth, that will
Affirm to Set one Free, from almost
all ""Forgivable"" accumulated
‘mountain of karmic debts’ from
hundreds of previous lifetimes..

Will only clear and erase, by
one’s achievement of Christ or
Buddhi Consciousness, or Sixth
Higher Principle.  

After that, no need to worry about
“working out” lesser, earthly karmic
debts.  Aum.