It is Most Important for this New Age
and New World – as
Each and All who
FAIL TO HAVE IT (Selfless Thoughts
for Common Good), are

Those who are just struggling and
fighting for false and personal beliefs,
false ideologies and false "-isms", will
join and become the ‘Left Behind and
the Unfit’ for the Coming, New and
Higher Evolution

So finally,

•  All who
fail to choose and serve
God, through Lord;

•  And all who
fail to willingly,
selflessly and totally: serve and
sacrifice for the Common Good;

WILL NOT survive Earth
Final Battle

Beware Sisters and Brothers,

Now is not for fighting for:
personal beliefs, false ideologies, or
false "-isms"
– created, invented and
promoted by evil wicked ‘dark ones’.  

Because now is the:

"""Age of Thought—base on Whole
Truth for Common Good""",

By totally self-Forgetting
* and
* for the Common
Good, through what Lord calls
""Goal-Fitting Thoughts"".

*** ""Goal-Fitting Thoughts"" means
one’s every thought is Fit and
Match with God’s Will and Plan. ***
* one’s false & 'worldly conditioned' selfish personality.