pursuing various amoral, immoral, non-
essential, unimportant, petty, trivial and
silly things – so they can keep feeding
(self-appeasing) their temporary and
""spiritually-dead"" personality false-
pride (as willing slaves to
glamour and illusion).

B)  The second group is living a totally
paranoid life (no co-measurement)
by accepting, buying, preoccupying
and believing ALL willfully distorted,
misguiding, fear-mongering
disinformation about (for example):
imminent and coming catastrophic
events; ‘weather warfare’ (or
exaggerating the ability of human
beings to control weather; and hysteria
regarding the “end of the world” (Truth
is only the ‘end of the old world cycle’
or ‘end of old times’),

*** Instead of Courageously,
Fearlessly and Sincerely:
Accepting and Doing what can
Actually and Truly Save their Soul
and physical life:
K.  Light Middle Way Update
June 2016

Two groups of wrong-focusing,
wrong-direction mankind,
lead to become 'unfit'

Mankind now having two different,
wrong-focusing groups:

A)  The first group is living for total
– by continuously doing
self-comfortable, complacent and
cowardice roles, through daily routine
materialistic living – completely ignoring
their own, most essential and important
responsibility to fulfill the purpose of
creation, evolution and life.

They are killing and wasting their
creative energy and time,
by pointless and senseless chatting,
competing for followers on social media,
taking “selfies”, promoting their own
personality’s lower animal nature, and