4.)  Continuous striving and reaching
toward the Highest Infinite, is the most
beautiful striving.

*5.)  According to the ‘law of
interchange of matter’ it is necessary to
create a steady current of receiving
and giving

6.)  One may traverse life with courage,
when the beacon-fires light the way,
when the dangers themselves are part
of the design of the Veil of the Mother
of the World

*7.)  Wondrous is the realization of
reverence, through which one’s life is

*8.)  It is better to combine
reverence for the Teacher, with
one’s [disciple’s] self-reliant
application of all True Teaching,
by own entire force and strength.

J.  Important Teachings from:
Signs of Agni Yoga (Part 8)

True Teaching for the Spirit

1.)  As no one can remember by only
reading once, likewise a gardener is not
worthy who visits his garden only once.

***2.)  True Teaching should read
everyday, because each day
provides new opportunities for its

)  Without nurture, the Spirit will not
see how many doors are open to it.