c.)  For after having seen for
themselves – people return, unaffected,
to their previous [old and useless] ways

*d.)  Even the most striking experiences
leaves no trace upon their ignorant
daily life.

[ Notes:
Despite continuous and
overwhelming evidence of ever
worsening series of natural and
man-made disasters, catastrophes
and upheavals
— all ignorant,
materialistic and selfish ones
(especially in the United States, for
example California) keep saying,
“We are all well
!” “Business as usual!
because catastrophes did not hit them
yet, or not directly affect them yet.  

So they all failed to realize, prepare
and cope
with present transition
into New World Cycle.

I.  Important Teachings from:
Signs of Agni Yoga (Part 7)

Requirement of
‘flexibility of thought’

1.)  Present fifth race has been
distorted in many ways:

a.)  They want to see and decide
everything for themselves.

b.)  But this can lead, in an
unanticipated way, to nothing