*3.)  The manifestation of Teacher can
enlighten people, but only if the way is
pave with knowledge.

4.)  “I shall point out how to sharpen
your power on the edge of My sword.”

*5.)  The destiny that leads to Us
must be forged every hour.

)  Not selfish prayers,
but ""stern and selfless labor""
that is need most.

)  Debasement of the idea of
co-measurement is a kind of

E.  Important Teachings from:
Signs of Agni Yoga (Part 3)

)  Lord Explained about the
karma of giving and receiving:

*a.)  Giving always good for
minimizing one’s accumulated
karmic debts, because clearing
one’s owed past debts to others.

)  But receiving, generates new
karmic debts – owing to others

*2.)  The Teacher can act where His
hand is not tied.

[ Notes: Only when karma allows. ]