a.)  Unity of peoples,

b.)  Appreciation of creative labor,

c.)  The growth of the consciousness.

6.)  It shows itself to mankind by its
actions, can find cases in official
history: from the French and Russian
Revolutions, and from the history of
Anglo-Russian and Anglo-Indian

[ Notes: Spiritual Hierarchy, aka
Forces of Light, never claims or takes
credit for each known achievement of
mankind‒only achievable by inspiration
and guidance by Lord and Spiritual

Please make no mistake,
Spiritual Hierarchy is AGAINST the
world shadow government, or
forces of darkness.
C.  Important Teachings from:
Signs of Agni Yoga (Part 1)

*** Invisible, Invincible,
International Government
(aka Spiritual Hierarchy)

1.)  Dispatches its envoys once in a
hundred years.

2.)  It is the law of

3.)  Each nation is warned, but only

4.)  Its existence, under many various
names, entered the awareness of
humanity repeatedly.

Its un-deferrable, affirmed
measures are