2.)  Second step is to achieve
Awakening and continuous expanding
of consciousness
; only achievable by
one’s constant, persistent and
unwavering striving for the Highest, by
fully complying, applying and practicing
(in accordance with) all Lord’s Teaching
in daily life.

3.)  Third step is to create our own

a.)  Only by constant striving can
achieve the Fiery Heart subtlest
energy; in turn one’s thought can
spiritualize and enable to become
powerful, creative Fiery thoughts.

b.)  Thought without Flaming quality
due to lack of striving, becomes sterile
[or powerless and non-creative].
A.  Some Essential and Important
Teachings from:
Letters of Helena Roerich

An important integral part of the
Teaching of ""Living Ethics""

*** Creative thought only
achievable by:

)  Opening of one’s inner

The first step for opening one’s inner
consciousness is by being totally free
from all: prejudices, tendentiousness
[pretending or personal views] and
forceful concepts [or man-made: blind
fanaticism, dogmas and false beliefs].