♦  Kalki Avatar;

♦  Lord Krishna;

♦  Fifth Buddha;

♦  Teacher of all spiritual teachers,
throughout many ages on Earth;

♦  The Great One that all major
religions (such as Buddhism,
Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, etc..)
are waiting for—

♦  """Lord Maitreya"""

IV)  So we want you to follow Lord
Maitreya’s Teaching, known as
genuine Agni Yoga—the Best, Highest
and Ultimate Unification of all true:
major religions and past teachings—

In order for you to achieve
""Fiery Heart""
(For Example): By ""Service Good for
All"" and ""Striving through one’s Heart
and Mind, by own Thought"", so on..

II)  We also care, concern and worry
that you
cannot: Fully Express your
Original Primary """BEING""" or
""Divine Soul Nature""—

Because still lacking Essential True
Knowledge and True Teaching that can
Affirm to achieve your
Spiritual (or Evolution) Goal

 Unified Consciousness (or A.U.M.);

 and Eternal Liberation — only
achievable by ""Fiery Heart""

***(III)  Indeed, we are very blessed
and fortunate to have the Highest
Teaching from """the World Teacher""",
we also know as:

♦  Avatar of Vishnu;