Most people wrongly and mistakenly
choose: the way of comfortable
materialistic living;
But You Chose
Differently and
Almost Correctly !

*** Because of your Totality to
choose Spirituality – you deserve
the Best, Greatest and Highest
Spiritual Teaching

 Unifies (or Synthesizes) all true:
past teachings and major religions,
given to mankind through many ages.

 Is Most Fit and Useful for present
and future mankind.

I)  Our most sincere & honest motive
for sharing the present Highest
Spiritual Teaching, and our own
spiritual experiences and knowledge

So you will have the Quickest,
Most Direct, Assure and Scientific
Way to GOD
New Wine (New Consciousness)
Is Not Fit for old bottles (old forms
or methods of teaching)

* * *

August 30, 2017:

Namaste Brother Varshil Shah,

We are very admire, elated, excited and
uplifted to read and know about you.

We are writing to you,
because you are one of the most
courageous and strongly determined
(among young materialistic people
today) – by daring to sacrifice your
false self (or personality) – by totally
renouncing worldly: higher education,
comfortable, complacent and
materialistic living.