(  Notes continued: Their medical school in
Rangoon used to be one of the best in
Asia—and recognized as such by the United
Kingdom's medical council (GMC).  

II)  But after the extremely: amoral, cruel,
corrupted, deceitful, exploitative, selfish and
power-mongering military dictatorship (of
general Ne Win) overthrew Burma's civilian
democracy in 1962—
and began:

•  imposing the self-right of the military and
isolating the nation,

•  suppressing and oppressing the people
with no democracy, no respect for human
rights, no freedom of speech, no freedom

to assemble, etc..),

•  causing general widespread
impoverishment and suffering,

All that good culture, goodwill
expressions and happiness began to
fade and wane away
—and with it, the
quality of their lands resources (
losing their beauty, brilliance and flavor

It also resulted in many highly
educated, talented and knowledgeable:
academics and professionals
doctors and engineers
) leaving Burma for
quality-of-life Democratic countries
like USA, UK and Australia.  
2.)  IF WE DO NOTHING whenever
dictators illegally and unlawfully
overthrow democratic civilian
governments in other countries…

a.)  It is a loss to every democratic

b.)  And an injustice that will sooner
or later: come back to and negatively
affect (weaken and endanger)
our own
democracies, freedoms and protection
by just and humane laws…

Whenever injustice is allowed to
prevail in any one country
(especially in
fellow countries that Want Democracy, but
are constantly struggling against: corrupted,
selfish and power-hungry dictators)—

there CANNOT BE lasting: democracy,
and peace in the world!

Now many innocent, law-abiding
and peacefully-living peoples in Burma
are daily living in: fear, insecurity and

So they need our help and support !