How & Why We Should Support:
Indignant & United Burmese Peoples
Now Demanding: Democracy, Freedom
and Justice

Brothers & Sisters,

I.  Please Stand Together With…

II.  And Support However One Can…

 Whether Through Giving Your Moral
Support And Encouragement

 Or By Thoughts, Speeches And Words;

 Or By Financial, Material Or Physical

…TO Our Brothers And Sisters In Burma
(aka Myanmar In Southeast Asia)—
Are Demanding, Resisting And
Struggling Against Their Country's
Ruthless And Rogue ""Military Junta
(Or Dictatorship)"" Which Earlier This
Month, Illegally Arrested And Detained:

i)  Burmese People's Legitimately
Elected Leader, Aung San Suu Kyi

ii)  And Other Totally Non-Violent:
Cabinet Members, Activists, Critics And
Demonstrators In Nighttime Raids
1.)  The military junta in Burma:

a.)  Is one of world's longest ruling
dictatorships (more than five decades)—
which began in the early 1960s, when a
military coup led by a general
Ne Win took
down the civilian democratic government—
despite false claims that their
government would be
socialist; in
it was an iron-fisted tyranny
resulting in Burma becoming one of the
* countries in the world.

Is now trying to repeat the same
evils they committed
in the late 1980s
when they killed hundreds of demonstrators
including students and monks.

After three weeks of protests—the
military junta has already killed 6 and
arrested nearly 640 peaceful demonstrators

(  *  Notes: (I)  Burma used to be a place of
natural abundance and wealth (
with the
highest quality: precious gems, sweet fruits
and freshwater catches
)—mainly due to
their culture and peoples having and
: goodwill, empathy and
consideration for others
—and widely
recognized as one of the most friendly and
hospitable nations in the world. …
Posted: Feb 27th, 2021.