Posted: May 25th, 2021 / Updated: July 31st, 2021
A Synthesis Of Beloved John's
""Book Of Revelation"" And Lord
Maitreya's ""Agni Yoga Teachings""
and Other Relevant Spiritual Works…

And Synopsis Of All Essential And

(I)  Prophecies, Predictions and
Revelations Connected to Lord Christ's
Mission since Palestine 2,000 years ago…

(II)  Imminent and Coming: Catastrophic,
Chaotic and Devastating World Events

* * *

Overview P1:

Section I.

●  Introduction And Sources of
Prophecies and Revelations

●  Clarification About: Maitreya The Christ,
Jesus Christ, Jesus of Nazareth and the

●  Several Known Active:
Masters Of Compassion & Wisdom
Connected To Lord Christ's Mission In
Palestine 2,000 Years Ago

●  The End Purpose Of All True
Prophecies, Predictions & Revelations

●  Evolution of Spirituality (Heart User)
over the intellect
(lower mind user)
Giving credit and thanks to all the anonymous and known
artists and providers of the images found in this chapter.