May 25th, 2021

A Synthesis Of Beloved John's
1st Century ""Book Of Revelation""
With Lord Maitreya's Most Important &
20th Century ""Agni Yoga
(through Helena Roerich)
And Other Relevant & Important
Spiritual Works…

lso A Synopsis Of All Essential And
Important: Prophecies, Predictions And
Revelations Connected To Lord
Christ's Mission In Palestine 2,000
Years Ago…

* * *

 To Help Serious Seekers and
Students More Easily
: Put Together,
Understand & See The Whole Picture Of
What Is Happening To Mankind (Both
Spiritually & Worldly): Today And In The
Immediate Future Until 2025…

●●  For Everyone Who: Wants To
Live Beyond 2024 (And) Has The

1)  Must: Read, Assimilate, Absorb &
Fully Understand This Chapter
(2)  Plus: Proportionately & Timely

3)  And Strive, Strive, Strive Until
Achieved ""
Full Soul Union With Lord
(Or Lord Maitreya's) Higher

●●●  Lead To Attaining ""Fiery Heart"",
Then Affirm To Achieve:

i)  Immunity To All Deadly:

 Diseases (Including Covid-19),


 Dark Force Attacks (Including
Destructive: Mental Arrows / Thought Blows).

ii)  Eternal Liberation.

iii)  Enable To Clear Almost All Of One's
Mountain Of Heavy Karma
(Or Karmic Debts).

iv)  Continue Evolving Further As
New Higher Sixth Race In New World

Until Achieve: Immortality, Spiritual
Perfection And Ascension
(Like Lord) !!!
(L): Senior Ascended Master, Koot Hoomi
(formerly Beloved John, now Divine John).

(R): Maitreya The World Teacher,
Head of the Office of the Christ, Chief of all Ascended
Masters, Angels and Holy Prophets on Earth.
( top graphic from eadm )