9.)  Remember also that this is another
Test for all nations from God and Lord…

a.)  Burma's extremely corrupted, cruel,
beastly and evil
military junta are definitely:
d & will not survive the End Times.

So leaders of nations, governments
and the international community
end up committing
: indifference and/or
inaction towards
the extremely brutal,
cruel and unjust deeds of Myanmar's
military junta
will definitely bearing
Heavy Karma to payback in due time

As Lord Maitreya the World
Teacher / Christ / Fifth Buddha reminded
especially now at the End Times, those
who remain complacent, indifferent and
no action against injustice
are not
with Him

Those not with Him
the consequence (or effect) is the same
as being against Him

Similarly, those who claim neutrality
did not side with Justice and Lord] – will be
among the first ones destroyed by
forces of darkness
[because they will
have no protection from Forces of Light].
11.)  Lord also forewarned to mankind and
all worldly authorities and governments that

Especially now, everyone at all
from individuals to: families,
groups, communities, cities, states and
must clean house [meaning:
eliminate corruption:
financially, morally &
] – before they can enter the
New World

Corruption causes extreme
and if not stopped, will
destroy an entire nation
—so it is worse
than destructive floods and wars

12.)  Master DK had predicted that,
in our present day, the United Nations would
become especially powerless against Israel
and other powerful and wealthy nations.

LMW: After Lord's Day of
the United Nations must
clean house and totally reform
in order
to become a truly effective and powerful
decision-making organization for governing
all member nations—
strictly according to
Higher Principles
: like Goodwill,
Humaneness, Justice, Right Relationships,
Sharing and Working for the Greater Good