March 1st, 2021,

Honest & Humane: Advice & Reminder
To The International Community—
Especially The United States,
The United Nations, G7 Nations,
European Union and ASEAN,

Peacefully demonstrating Burmese
peoples urgently need our help

Without appropriate and effective
from goodwill leaders of the
international community—
Burma's military
dictatorship will not stop using deadly
to suppress and silence any and all:
criticism, demonstrations and opposition to
their many decades of extremely corrupted,
cruel, beastly and lawless exercise of power

1.)  February 28th marked a deadly
escalation by Burma's military junta against
peacefully protesting Burmese peoples after
the United Nations reported at least 18
killed, 30 wounded and at least 600
arrested as of Sunday

Empty rhetoric and superficial
by world leaders,
governments and international community
members –
without appropriate and
effective action
will only give innocent
Burmese protesters a false sense of
encouragement and hope
and cause
them to sacrifice and die for nothing…

3.)  If the United Nations, G7 Nations,
European Union and ASEAN
do nothing
but talk rhetorically—
it is only a matter of
time before more Burmese protesters
of whom are decent younger generation
high school students, university students,
graduates and professionals
are injured or
4.)  Economic sanctions will not work on
Myanmar’s military junta and did not work on
them before.  Sanctions only have an impact
on the people; not the corrupted ruling class.

5.)  Amoral, lawless, reckless and ruthless
tyrants and dictators do
not care about
sanctions or even international laws.  They
can very easily, without any hesitation or
remorse: oppress, suppress, injure and kill
their own people.

(  Click HERE to download a video recording
(5.2 MB MP4) of Burma’s military forces opening
fire on peaceful protesters on Feb. 28th, 2021.

6.)  How can we believe that they are
?  They are acting more like
Zionists in Israel—by following in their
footsteps and tactics.

 If nothing is doneeventually
hundreds of thousands of innocent
Burmese will die
—and then the
International Community (
particularly the
United Nations, G7 Nations, European Union
and ASEAN Nations
) will be indirectly
responsible for the spilled blood and deaths
of innocent Burmese protesters
sacrificed their lives fighting for the ideals of
democracy, human rights and freedom so
often championed by wealthy and powerful
Western countries.

Only by appropriate, correspondent
& proportionate action
accordance with:
International Laws;
Human Rights Agreements; and Higher
Principles: like Humaneness, Morality and
Justice For The Many—
can restore:


 The legitimate government of Suu Kyi,

 Freedom for the people!