* * *

Dear readers of our Fifth Buddha Metteyya
booklet written in Burmese,

The reason this booklet may seem incomplete
when compared to what you find on this website,
like our
February 2021 open letter)—is because
the Burmese printing companies we went
through refused to print anything that was
critical of the military junta
(like their actions
going against Buddhist teachings
), including
their distortions of Hinayana Buddhism
(through their fully controlled religious ministries)
which is negatively affecting their whole

Even when we tried to include a picture of
Lord, the printing companies refused,
because of Maitreya's
chosen Muslim

Such strict censorship back in 2019 shows that
there was NO democracy or freedom of
expression even under Suu Kyi's civilian
We hope Burma will soon achieve true: freedom of
expression, democracy and justice for the many—
under a genuinely just and democratic civilian
When that happens—we will make a
better and more complete ""second booklet""
for serious Burmese seekers and readers

Then we can mention about how
worldly rulers and politicians coordinate with
so-called religious leaders
to invent
distorted Buddhist: teachings and
to control and exploit their
(similar to how evil-controlled rulers in the
Christian West countered true teachers
like Origen
(185-254 A.D.) by inventing false priesthoods—
revealed by Lord Maitreya in Agni Yoga).

Hence why Mao Tse-tung said that, false religions
are more addictive and dangerous than opium

* * *
March 26th, 2021