April 11th, 2020

Pandemic Series : Part Three

Why And What Are The Benefits When
We Choose And Serving God

* * *

[  This Is A Continuation Of The Pandemic Series:

February 2020 : Part One  /  March 2020: Part Two  ]

* * *

Welcome Back: Brothers, Sisters,
Seekers and Readers,

As we pass through this Easter's Full
(Festival of Easter)—we are posting
this new chapter to recall, remind and
celebrate the
""Resurrection of Christ""
(dramatized to mankind after the Crucifixion,
nearly 2,000 years ago in Palestine)…

So we should take time to: meditate with ‘3 S’
and give thanks to Lord Christ
showing mankind the True Way to Salvation:
""Resurrection of one's Spirit"";

Only achievable through: selfless service
and working for: """Lord Maitreya the
Christ — As Lord Is:
The Way, the Truth
and the Life
""" !