C.  Earthly: Precautions and Preventions

16.)  Whenever possible:

a.)  Avoid infected and probably infected:
areas, places and persons.

b.)  Avoid shaking hands—safer to 'bump
elbows' than shake hands.

c.)  Avoid other (at risk to get infected)
physical contacts like: touching, hugging and

17.)  Beware of touching objects and surfaces
that are possibly and probably infected like:
elevator buttons, hand rails and door handles.

18.)  Wash hands every time

Especially before touching own
face, eyes and mouth

b.)  After touched something not yet
disinfected (including money bills and coins)
19.)  Beware of suspicious, unreliable and
unhygienic foods – prepared by coronavirus
infected persons working in food services

20.)  Keep one's home (or living space) clean

a.)  Regularly disinfect / keep clean:

(i)  Commonly used objects (like keys and
portable phones) and door handles.

(ii)  Bed sheets, blankets and pillows.

(iii)  Windows and floors.

b.)  Hang clothes and sheets outside in
direct sunlight *.

c.)  Let sunlight come into all rooms.

d.)  Let clean and fresh air:
ventilating and flowing thru entire home.
*  As direct noontime sunlight kills most microbes,
including viruses