*  Freedom from endless imprisonment and enslavement:
by dark masters and to temporary earthly material attachments.
August 9th, 2020

Lord Maitreya Said, Mankind
Must Change Now
—Or Die…

…Change For What?  Why?  How?

* * *

Preliminary Important:
Advice And Reminders

Brothers And Sisters,

I.  Please Be Aware And Bear In Mind That:

Now Is The Beginning Of The
Second And Worse Half Of ""
Great Final Tribulation"" !

The Timelines Of: Apostle John's
Book Of Revelation
(Which Predicts The
Second Coming Of The Christ
) And Another:
One Of The Oldest Buddhist Scriptures
Which Predicts That The Fifth Buddha Will
Return Approximately 500 Years From Now
Can Be Different: Meaning Much
, Not Later…

i)  Due To
The Law Of Acceleration
In Order To Cope With The Urgency Of
Triple Simultaneous Crises: Spiritual
Hierarchy, Mother Earth And Mankind
●  Even Going Beyond The November
2020 U.S. General Election ::: Until
""True Lasting Justice"" Is Achieved
For The Many
(Or 99%) !

Do Not Give Up Or Get Discouraged!

Without Justice, There Can Be
No Liberty!

When There Is No Justice And No Liberty
Hard-Working Middle Class And Poor
Literally Become Slaves!

So Why American Revolutionary,
Patrick Henry Said, "Give Me Liberty, Or
Give Me Death!"

Now Is America's Best And Final
Opportunity To
: Fight, Strive And
Sacrifice For The Younger Generations'
Better And Brighter Future

Instead of selfishly doing nothing and
—and end up departing by
coronavirus or some other End Times
catastrophe or disaster.

So It Is Better, Desirable And
able To Wholeheartedly: Sacrifice
For The Good Of Humanity—Especially
The Younger Generations
ii)  So While The Final Goal (Or God's Plan) To
Achieve True Lasting: Justice And Freedom
""Does NOT Change""
But The Place And Time
""Can Change (Or Make Sooner)""

* * *

II.  To Our Brave Brothers And Sisters Who
Are Righteously: Protesting And Demanding
Justice At All Levels
(Whether For Racial, Social
Or Economic Justice, Or To Protect The Lives Of
Front Line Primary Care Providers, Teachers And
Students, etc..)—

Remember To Solidly Stick Together ::
In Order To Achieve ""One Powerful United
To Strongly And Unshakably Demand ::
Until See Visible And Practical: Changes And
Reforms ""Good For The Many""