December 28th, 2020

""The Affirm, Assure, Certain"":
Solution And Advice To Achieve
Permanent Immunity Against All Deadly
Diseases—Including The Current
Coronavirus Pandemic

* * *


Wholeheartedly giving thanks to:
the Lord of the World, Lord Maitreya,
and All Spiritual Hierarchy Members

For blessing, inspiring and sending
inexhaustible spiritual energies to:

disciples and mankind—in turn, enabling
them to fearlessly, joyfully and tirelessly:
fight and strive to restore:

●  Light, Love and Creative Power on Earth;

True Lasting: Justice, Harmony, Peace,
Prosperity and Abundance
(For The 90%);

…Through God Willed and Lord Mandated:
Universal Democratic Socialism
– For The
Greater Common Good Of Whole Humanity

* * *
( Postponed Below: )

( Section III. )
Congratulations And Giving Thanks

Friendly Advice & Reminders To The
Newly Elected Democratic Leaders
& Administration, Lawmakers—And Goodwil
l Americans:

""Summary Of Advices""

Our Motive

First Things First

Unity Among Democrats Is Essential

Paving The Way For ""Selfless Democra
tic: Leaders And Lawmakers"" Who Have Th
e Courage To: Speak Up And Do What Is Righ
t For Justice And The Common Good

Unity With Republicans Is Desirable—But Time Is
Short And Precious—And
Rescuing The
People And Nation Is Most Important Now…

Important Last Reminders To Goodwil
l: Democratic Leaders, Lawmakers, Members
And American Peoples
Giving credit and thanks to all the anonymous and known
artists and providers of the images found in this chapter.