c.)  Now At End Times (Or
End Cycle Of Our Present Fifth Race
In Order To Avoid Or Minimize:

(i)  Series Of End Times:
Catastrophes, Calamities and Cataclysms.

(ii)  Enormous Nationwide:
Sufferings, Tragedies and Deaths.

(iii)  Self-Dissolution And Self-Destruction.

(iv)  Departing And Perishing Forever
From Earth

***70.)  Essentially Important Advise
For All Our Peacefully Protesting:
Brothers And Sisters

a.)  Indignant And Furious:
Justice Demanding Protesters
Transform Their

 Anger (Into)
Strong Will For Achieving All Justice.

 Fury (Into) Fearlessness.

 Outrage (Into) Strong, Powerful,
Unstoppable And Unshakable Unity

 Vengeful & Negative: Energy And
(Into) Benevolent, Magnificent
Positive: Self-Control, Self-Discipline
and Self-Responsibility – To Make Real-
Lasting Change For Equal Justice
(i)  Therefore, Only When We All Are
United And Stick Together – Can We
Confront Our Common Enemy – And
Free Ourselves Forever From
Enslavement By Dark Masters

So We Should Never Ever Divide
Among Ourselves
Regardless Of
: Belief, Color, Culture, Gender Or
Religion –
Because We Are Actually
"""One Big Family From The Same
Heavenly Father"""

If We Get Divided
We Will Definitely End Up With:
Total Failure And Loss!

Please Bear In Mind The Truth
As Revealed By Our Wisest Lord Maitreya,
The World Teacher For All Humanity

I.  When The People Are United In
[For True Justice]—And Make
Their Just Demands Known With
""One United Voice"";

They Definitely Become A Most
Powerful Force

Which No Earthly: Authorities,
Establishments, Governments and Powers
Can: Against, Defy, Defeat, Defer, Reject,
Oppose Or Weaken (
By Any Violent Or
Non-Violent: Means And Ways) !!!
b.)  Remember That For Centuries—Deceptive Evil
Rulers Have Effectively Used The Same
Method Of
"Divide And Rule"