c.)  …Higher Principles Like Our Nation's
Most Beautiful, Creative, Constructive,
Desirable And Powerful """2nd Ray

Spiritual Soul Nature""" Which Finds
Expression Through

Highly Inspiring: Thoughts, Speeches
and Deeds

Peoples Uniting Together In Solidarity—
To Peacefully Protest Until Achieve (Or
Restore) True And Lasting: Justice,
Peace, Harmony
& Equality (For The 99%)…

d.)  Until Victorious Over:

Corrupted, Irresponsible & Unaccountable:
Servants Of Deceptive Evil Wicked Ones
In Top U.S. Government Posts…

 Who Do Not Really Work For The American
People And Nation;

 Who Actually Work For: The World's Worst
Human Rights Violating And Apartheid:
Foreign Countries (
And) Wealthiest Corporate
Interests Whose Agents And Chairpersons
Work For The Elite 1%—As The Controllers,
Handlers And Financiers Of Many American:
Lawmakers, Senators, Supreme Court Judges
and Presidents

And Their Extremely Unjust:
Policies, Structures and Systems!
***69.)  As Lord Forewarned, Mankind In All
Nations On Earth—From Individuals To
Families, Groups, Institutions, Cities,
States and Governments
Must Now
Clean [Their Own] House

LMW: By Getting Rid Of All Flawed
And Undesirable Lower Nature Based:

•  Amorality.

•  Beastliness.  •  Cruelty.  
•  Corruption.  •  Hypocrisy.  •  Falsehoods.
•  Injustice.
 •  Selfishness.
•  Wickedness.

Nations Must Also Totally Change

From): Apartheid, Corrupted, Destructive,
Evil, Racist, Rogue, Reckless and Wicked—In
Their Expression—Nations;

(INTO): Compassionate, Goodwill,
Peaceful, Responsible, Selfless and Just
For All
—In Their Expression—Nations;