II.  LMW: For those who can solemnly,
willingly and wisely change

 From cruelty (to) Compassion,
Concern and Consideration

 From only taking (to) Giving and Sharing.

 From irresponsible (to) Responsible.

 From cunning & crooked lying (to)
Sincere & Honest Truth Speaking.

 From amoral (to)
Moral (then to) Living Ethics.

 From using selfish lower mind ('me first') (to)
Using Selfless Higher Heart (""Complying
and Applying True Teachings First""

 From indifferent & inaction towards injustice
Actions, Sacrificing and Speaking Up
For All Justice and Truth
Racial, Social & Economic Justice
) !!!
June 25th, 2020

We (All Mankind) Must Change Now—
Or We Die And Perish

* * *

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

These Words Are Not From Us,
They Are From Lord Maitreya
, Who Is
Wisest And Knows What He Means.

* * *


I.  Lord Reminded That: Mankind,
Especially In The United States Of America
Must Change Now Or Die And Perish !!!
 From Messages: ( #11 ) and ( #81 ).