c.)   …Together Proposed And Endorsed
A New Bill & Law—Called The """Monthly
Economic Crisis Support Act""" (Or MESA):

(i)  That Will Give Further $2,000 Each
To Every Resident In America;

Including Those Without Social
Security Numbers
(Meaning It Will Also
Provide For Undocumented Immigrants);

That Will Also Prevent: Banks and
Debt Collectors
From Touching (Or
Deducting From) This Universal Basic
, As Monthly Tax-Exempt Pay Checks;

And Continue Doing So Until This
Pandemic And Economic Crisis Is Over

[  LMW: Most Probably Until The End Of 2024! ]
* * * Introduction * * *

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

1.)  After U.S. Lawmakers passed a first round
Stimulus Bill for April and May that provides every
qualified American with: $1,200 each month
(plus $500 per child) for two months – and
highly possible to follow-up with a second round
of Stimulus for coming June and July…

2.)  Most Recently (On May 9th)—
Compassionate, Goodwill and Responsible
U.S. Congressional and Senate Democrat

Led By:

(i)  House Speaker,
Nancy Pelosi,

(ii)  Minority Leader,
Chuck Schumer,

Joined By Three Democrat Senators:

(i)  Senator,
Bernie Sanders,

(ii)  Senator,
Edward Markey,

(iii)  Senator,
Kamala Harris,