c.)  Not Bringing True: Justice and Peace.

* * *

18.)  Where Is The Morality, Humaneness,
Honesty and Truth In America's Present

 Instead They Are Showing Us
Their Obvious And Shameful: Immorality,
Inhumanity, Cruelty, Deceptive Evil Wicked
Mindedness and Persistent Lies

 And Going Too Far With Their:
, Reckless and Unjust Actions!

Causing Indignation For: Righteous,
Virtuous, Good Morals and Having Personal
Integrity: Individuals and Nations
! ***

* * *

9.)  Indeed, The Heavy Karma That America
Now Bearing Is Overwhelming !!!
USA At It’s Worst Now…

c.)  After JFK’s* Assassination —
America Repeatedly Failed To: Help,
Side With, Support and Protect:

(i)  Weaker and Poorer;

Law-Abiding and Peace-Loving;

Righteous and Virtuous —
Nations and Peoples

17.)  America Is Historically At Its Worst
Totally Doing The Opposite Of Her
God-Assigned Tasks…

a.)  Not Setting A Higher Example And Lead
The World According To Her 2nd Ray Soul
Nature (Or Higher Aspect And Qualities);

Not Helping And Serving Humanity And
Other Nations
(Meaning Righteous,
Law-Abiding and Virtuous Nations;
NOT human rights and international law:
violating and terrorist-sponsoring nations
*  John F. Kennedy, the 35th President
of the United States (from 1961 to 1963).