Jews meeting and giving thanks to
former president Ahmadinajeed

13.)  During Ahmadinajeed's
Presidency — Many Rabbis Complying
With The Torah
* – Met With Him To
Give Thanks And Praise For Lovingly
Taking Care Of And Protecting Jewish
People Living In Iran.

a.)  More Proof In This
2007 Video Of
President Ahmadinejad Respectfully
Meeting With
Neturei Karta Rabbis.

b.)  Yisroel Weiss, one of the rabbis
revealed that,

It is sad that so few have actually
attempted to speak to the Iranian
president or seek the true opinion of
Iranian Jewry who live in peace and
practice their faith throughout that

We have met this man who has
demonstrated time and again that he is
sincerely interested in the well being of
Iran’s Jewish community and has deep
respect for world Jewry and their Torah
, …
Jews Living In Iran

12.)  With The Second Highest Jewish
Population In The Middle East –
Law-Abiding And Peace-Loving Jews
Are Provided Equal Rights Without
Discrimination Or Racism
– In The
Islamic Republic Of Iran…

Nejat Golshirazi, a 60 year old rabbi
of a synagogue in Iran disclosed

We have all the facilities we need for
our rituals, and we can say our prayers
very freely. We never have any
problems. I can even tell you that, in
many cases, we are more respected
than Muslims.

Golshirazi and other senior
members of Iran’s Jewish community
also disclosed that
, they mostly enjoy
good relations with Iran’s hard-line,
theocratic government despite
perceptions abroad that Iran’s Islamic
rulers might subject them to harsh
*  Torah Is A True Original Abraham Religion For
Semites (like Arabs, Afghans, Jews and Moors).