Booklet Of Lord Maitreya’s Esoteric Teaching in
Burmese Translation:

March 18, 2019,

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

In February (2019), We Distributed: Basic And
Essentially Important """Lord Maitreya Information and
Esoteric Teachings""" — In Burma (aka Myanmar).

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Front Cover, (ii)  Back Cover, (iii) Table of
Contents and (iv) Sample Page

II.  The English Translation Of The Back Cover
Reads As Follows:

Measures and Preparations Needed For Every
Mankind Who Wants To Overcome, Survive and
Continue To Live Beyond: Destructive Earth
Cleansing Process Until 2025

III.  We Are Distributing The Booklets Free Of
Charge To Those Who Cannot Afford To Buy —
And Also Selling.

Why We Distributed In Burma Only, Is Because:

1.  Lord Maitreya's and Lord Buddha's Exoteric
Teachings (known as Hinayana Buddhist Teachings)
Are Mainly and Predominantly Practising In Burma
and Thailand.

2.  As Gratitude To Lord Buddha, Lord Maitreya And
To Burmese: Peoples, Land and Spirit

(One of our Chinese spiritual group member – was
born and raised in Burma – and later became
American citizen.
Lord Maitreya's Esoteric Teaching - Booklet front cover.
3.  As Dedicated Selfless Service To Hinayana (aka
Theravada) Buddhism: Believers and Practitioners — By
Sharing The Fifth Buddha, Lord Maitreya's True
Teachings In Burma.

a)  The service we are providing is only for two main

(i)  According to Lord's direction, or what Lord needs
and requests.

(ii)  What spiritual seekers and students need – and
difficult to find and put together (
to timely understand,
comply and apply
) – within limited and short 6 years time!

(b)  We are not promoting our personality.

(i)  Our giving, sharing and sacrificing is not for our own
sake—but for the
above-mentioned reasons—out of
compassion and gratitude to God, Lord and humanity.

(ii)  So if seekers and students mistakenly focus more on
our personalities—they will miss the treasures we are

We Wholeheartedly Invite and Welcome All:
Hinayana Buddhism: Spiritual Truth Seekers and
Practitioners From Any Nation—

To Visit Our Two Websites: ""Light Middle Way""
and ""Light Maitreya Way"" – For Further, More
Detailed and Advanced """Fifth Buddha Esoteric
Teachings""" !
Back cover of booklet.
Booklet sample page.
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