2nd Group: Did Not Implant Yet, But
Waiting And Watching For Appropriate
Time To Descend And Unite With
Human Soul.

3rd Group: Only Have Human Soul.

i)  Un-evolved and lowly-evolved men
belong to this last group.

ii)  Human souls evolved and came
from the third kingdom.

iii)  For the time being – entrance to
the fourth kingdom (human kingdom)
remains closed to the animal kingdom –
in order to effectively and successfully
carry-out and fulfill """Final Great
(of fifth race failures from
holy stocks) at Fifth Round Now"""
11.)  After Closed All The Doors Where
* Dwells — Earth And Mankind Will
Free Forever From the evils of lower
animal nature

* * *

(N)  Esoteric Notes On Human Souls

May we now reveal some very hiding
true knowledge—

Truth Is, Not Everyone Can
Have (Achieve) Divine Monad, Or
Even Spiritual Soul.
 It depends on
point of evolution.

2.)  At The Beginning, The Lord Of The
World Divided Humankind Into Three
Clear Groups—

1st Group: Already Implanted Divine
* Evil = misuse of spiritual energy for wrong purpose and
motive.  In other words,
not yet perfected energy is evil.