(x)  So they failed to:

a.)  Carry Out Their Vow(s),
According To U.S. Constitution.

b.)  Express And Follow The Assigned
Task Of U.S. Founding Fathers
Themselves Inspired By Spiritual

Causing: Patriotic And Struggling
Americans To Become: Angry, Irritated,
Indignant And Disappointed – With This
Extremely And Openly Corrupt System
And So-Called "Public Servants."

Indeed, It Is Extremely
Difficult Now To Find A Truly
Selfless Leader
(+)  Instead of helping, uplifting and
: Weak, Poor and Neediest

x)  Are ignoring, neglecting and even

Taking Away The Rights Of
Hard-Working And Needy Americans
To: Health Care, Welfare, Rent
Assistance, Food Stamps, Social
Supports and Protections, etc..

Making Already Struggling And
Suffering Americans’ Livelihoods
Become More
: Difficult, Miserable,
Suffering and Unsustainable

(x)  But are cozy with, working for and
implementing policies that benefit only
the top 1% wealthy and powerful ones

like Big Corporations, Big Money, Big
Oil, Big Pharma, Wall Street, etc..
) !!!