(D)  Moon Chain Group and Dark
Brotherhood since Atlantis time

1.)  The failed group from moon chain
who took physical bodies during Atlantis

a.)  Already achieved individualization
back during moon chain.

b.)  Some
righteous ones went on to
achieve even higher;

***c.)  But the vast majority
""denied service to the Light""
and have now become extremely
selfish—even wicked
***b.)  In other words: ""Brotherhood Of
Light"" produced their highest
on Earth for the first time;

***(i)  That is, they achieved
without subsequent
failure to serve God (or Heaven
or Higher World

Therefore correcting the
biggest mistake that led to the
moon chain failure

( * Keywords are initiates and disciples,
not masses stuck and struggling with
point of evolution and emotions.

Always, few achieve the goal for each
root race
; (i) through their focus of
and degree of striving;
not their earthly status or outward

Initiates and disciples today can be
found in
both Atlantean / Aryan bodies
and Eastern / Western nations. )