(C)  Golden Civilization in Atlantis

1.)  LMW: The Intensive, Extensive,
Enforcing, Divine Intervention (we know
as Initiation Process) began during
Atlantis time.

2.)  When ancient Chinese achieved
their highest civilization for the fourth
race (Atlanteans) and fourth continent—

***a.)  Earth Chain disciples for the
first time, achieved their highest
point of
lower manas development—

(I)  Complying With Heavenly Laws
and Higher Principles

II)  Good Morality;

III)  Through Devotion, Humility,
Reverence and Practicing
[ (II)  In our modern world leadership
history, three presidents stand out—
from: U.S.A. (
Obama), Russia (Putin)
and China (
Xi) for their:

i)  Good true leadership.

ii)  Service (past and present) to own
peoples and humanity

(iii)  Plus for justice—more or less,
obviously cracked down on corruption

If more world leaders followed the
virtuous example (by deeds) of present
leaders of China and Russia // and
former leaders like Obama – the world
would become better for all: more
peaceful; more cooperating and uniting
for common good; less illegal, unlawful
and unnecessary wars.