*** Present Day: China

11.)  Present day China is not strictly
Communist anymore.

This is subtly indicating and disclosing
by: they are not practicing one of the
major policies of Communism—which is
to nationalize all major industries and
businesses, especially those belonging
to overseas companies, like ‘big oil’.

12.)  Communist China under Deng
Xiaoping (around 1978 to 1989), quietly
began following and carrying out total
reforms – to transform China to a
* system.

13.)  Today, China is more
pro-capitalist, with the 2nd highest
number of billionaires (this year), after
the United States.
d.)  Rare nation where state politics and
religion are united together—

(i)  By following nation’s Orthodox
church leader, Patriarch Kirill;

Yet serving for betterment of:
Russian peoples, humanity, justice
and world peace.
* A pure form of Democracy and Socialism is the future goal of One
World Government’s policies; supervising by IIIG (or Forces Of Light).