*** Present Day: Russia

5.)  LMW: The Russian Federation of
today is not the same as during the
Soviet Era (between 1917-1991).

6.)  After the fall of the Soviet Union,
Russia began complying with nation’s
God-assigned tasks and right
direction—aided by highly-devoted
Christian leadership.

7.)  Present day Russia’s national
direction and policies
are, more or less:

a.)  Following good and right principles;

b.)  Benevolent;

c.)  For common good of humanity.
b.)  Regarding corruption:

(i)  Recently, China and Russia have
been cracking down on all kinds of
corruption—including the highest
positions, both government and private.

(ii)  Throughout the whole history of
America, never was a task force
created, by mission, to crack down on
corruption at the roots.  While cases of
individuals charged with corruption are
selective and rare.

Lord reminded that, corruption
leads nations, even the most
powerful nations [like the Roman
Empire]—to perish.

So why individuals, to nations and even
planet – must
clean house (now) by
own hands and feet—
in order to:

a.)  Survive, sustain, exist and evolve

b.)  Not self-dissipate, self-destruct and