For Asia (or Orient):

 Soul Ray: 4th Ray.

 Personality Ray: 3rd Ray.

For the West (or Occident):

 Soul Ray: 2nd Ray.

 Personality Ray: 4th Ray.

3.)  Specific Major Nations—

I)  United Kingdom:

 Soul Ray: 2nd Ray.

 Personality Ray: 1st Ray.

a.)  Vital energy centre for fusing and
blending races and men throughout
entire world.

b.)  Motto:
"I serve."
Light Middle Way Update
July 2018

Hello Again Dear:
Brothers, Sisters, Seekers & Readers
Always Thanks For Your Visiting,
Patience and Striving For All Good

* * *

Section I.

(A)  Essential Right Direction For
Three Major Nations

1.)  Master DK mentioned that,
Three great countries hold the destiny
of humanity in their hands at this time:
The United States of America,
Great Britain [UK] and Russia

2.)  Generally—
* Mostly from Master DK, through Alice Bailey books:
The Destiny of Nations (1949) / Esoteric Astrology (1951).