2.)  As everything is relative—

a.)  We can sufficiently protect
Ourselves in earthly conditions—
thanks to Our knowledge;

b.)  But when thought strives to Infinity—
standards of measurement differ.

Austere knowledge of danger
inspires the hero.

4.)  So ""heroic attitude"":

a.)  Should be maintained in all

b.)  Is a test that must be passed—if
true evolution is to be supported.
Approachable Basic Guideline for:
Agni Yoga: Supermundane

* * *

(PART 4) Supermundane: 130 – 149.

* * *

# 130.)  Austere knowledge of

1.)  We [Spiritual Hierarchy]:

a.)  Are
not immune to the dangers
surrounding Us.

b.)  Face danger when striving to