...Demand To Nation’s Head Of State
And Administration — To Take
Appropriate Actions To Crack Down,
Or Fire, Or Have Corrupted Officials
Step Down — For Justice

LMW: Because Many American
Political Candidates At All Levels And
Branches — From Presidents To Vice-
Presidents, Secretaries Of Many &
Various Departments, Senators,
Congressmen, Judges, State
Governors, Attorney Generals, Mayors,
Police Commissioners and Chiefs—

a.)  Should Be Serving For USA’s
Peoples And Abiding By Laws

b.)  But Many Are Elected By
Exceptionally & Extremely Powerful
Legally-Allowed and Limitless
Lobbyist"": Monies And Donations

c.)  Therefore Controlling, Dictating And
Influencing (
USA Candidates)—Behind
The Scenes—To Serve The Interests
Of: Corporations, Foreign Agents and
Foreign Countries
Injustice and Evil

***57.)  Lord Decreed That,

Every Nation, State,
Government & Institution – Must
Now Clean House By Their Own
Hands And Feet – To Avoid Self-
Dissolution and Self-Destruction,
By Corruption

Even Whole Planet Is Undergoing
Final Cleansing Purification

So During Final 7 Years
Tribulations—Every And All Nations
Still Having (Did Not Crack Down
On) Corrupted:
Lawmakers, Politicians
And Those Sitting On Accountable &
Federal Government Posts
(As Public Servants);—

...Their Peoples Need To Unite
Together To Strongly, Persistently,
Peacefully & Non-Violently: