48.)  Indeed, In The Near Future:

a.)  Lord Will Make Borderless & United
: North America, South
America, Central America and Canada–
""Become One American Union"" !

We Like It Or Not
It Is God And Lord’s Will

As Lord Affirmed, Nothing Can
Block Psychic Energy — This Energy
Can Overcome All Hindrances And

***b.)  LMW: The World Spiritual
(aka Invisible, Invincible,
International Government
) Will Using
Genuine & Pure** Form Of
Democracy and Socialism

As Ruling System For Every And All
Nations On Earth
47.)  Master DK Explained, … Tides of
emigration, marching armies throughout
the centuries, and modern travel have
inextricably mixed and fused all the
races. It may therefore be assumed that
any attempt to isolate a race or to
enforce so-called "racial purity" is
foredoomed to failure

“The only solution of this problem
is the basic recognition that all men
are brothers; that one blood pours
through human veins; that we are
all the children of the one Father
and that our failure to recognise
this fact is simply an indication of
man's stupidity

Historical backgrounds, climatic
conditions and widespread inter-
marriage have made the different

races what they are today. Essentially,
humanity is onethe heir of
the ages, the product of many fusions,
conditioned by circumstances and
enriched by the processes of
evolutionary development
. This basic
unity must now be recognised
.  *
* Master DK, through Alice Bailey, The Externalisation of the Hierarchy.
** At present, not one nation having pure and real: democracy & socialism.