41.)  Pope Francis Recently Said,

a.)  Nations Are Not Built By
Themselves, They Are Built By

b.)  Europe Was Built By Many Waves
Of Migrants Over Centuries.

c.)  Pope’s Own Parents Were Migrants.

d.)  Remember That—You Too Were
Once A Stranger [Or Migrant].

e.)  We All Need To Learn & Teach
How To Welcome The Stranger

f.)  Concern Only For One’s
"Well-Being" – Which Leads To Closing
Ports And New Life In The Family – Is
Equivalent To Suicide

g.)  Fear Of The Stranger – Foreigner
Immigrants) Or Child (Low Birth Rate
Of Europeans
) – Keeps People’s
Hearts Closed
[ And Cold, Finally Lead
To Extinguished Inner Fire
] !
Major Test: Global Compact For

40.)  Most Recently, Out Of 193 U.N.
Member States—4 Nations Are Openly
Against The
Global Compact for Safe,
Orderly and Regular Migration

 United States of America,




Their Main Complaint Is: That This New
Intergovernmental Mandate Will Only
Benefit Poorer African Countries Or
Third World Nations; And Not Good For
European (Or Western) Nations

[  Note: Anti-Migrant Policies,
Capitalism, Conservatism, Far Right
Nationalism and Repulsing To Sharing
Are All Based On Selfishness And