c.)  Even The United Nations Assigned
45 UN Workers To Aid And Help This
‘Caravan’ Of Migrants To Smoothly &
Safely Reach And Lawfully File For
Legal Asylum Status In USA

U.N. Global Compact for Safe,
Orderly and Regular Migration

World Leaders Will Meet Together
This December 10-11 In Marrakech,
Morocco To Formally Approve A New
Global Agreement (With 23 Goals)—

Based On The 2016
New York
Declaration for Refugees and Migrants
As U.N. Member States Recognize The
Need To Comprehensively Address
The Reality Of More Than 258 Millions
Of Migrants Around The World:

Of ""Human Mobility
[ & Movability — By Renunciation
Of Earthly: Home, Possessions and
]"" !!!
b.)  Especially Our Less Fortunate &
Poorer: Brothers and Sisters From
Central and South America
Be Welcome In The United States;

Like The Recent ‘Caravan Migrants and
Marchers’ From Honduras, Guatemala,
El Salvador and Mexico —
Many Have
Legitimate Reasons To Immigrate

i)  Fleeing From Daily Dangers By
Gang Violence,

ii)  Unaffordable Cost Of Living For
Poor & Middle Class,

iii)  No Stable Jobs,

(iv)  No Future For Their Children,

v)  While USA In Recent Years Having
Lowest Jobless Rate And Stable
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