36.)  To Reject Thousands Of Innocent
Migrants Because There May Be Some
Criminals Among Them–

a.)  Is Not A Proportionate And Fair

b.)  Is A Cunning, Dishonest, Insincere,
Intentionally Selfish & Wicked Excuse.

37.)  It Is Compassionate, Fair And
Reasonable To At Least: Receive
Them, Provide Necessities (Like Food,
Shelter and Medical Care), And Later
Process And Deport Proven Criminals.

Every Decent, No Criminal
Record, Non-Violent, Hard-Working
and Law-Abiding Individual—

Has Full & Equal Human Right—
To Seek A Better & Safe: Life And

34.)  In Terms of Compassion,
Conscience, Concern, Humaneness,
Humility and Morality — It Is Necessary
And Right — To Help Our Brothers and
Sisters From ""The One Family, From
The One Same Father In Heaven—

( Mankind )—Regardless of Different
Beliefs, Cultures and Colors)"".

35.)  In Accordance With International
Law For Human Rights and Refugees
And The United Nations —

Neighboring Nations And Peoples
Cannot Reject and Refuse (To Receive
And Protect The Life, Health And
Dignity Of): Decent, Neediest, Non-
Criminal–Asylum Seekers And Migrants.