In the modern, advanced, rich,
well-nourished Western European and
American nations, you have a relatively
low population growth rate. But
in the
Third World (those nations least
able to afford to feed their
, (…) they have large
families … simply to ensure that
one, two, or maybe three will live
into adulthood. The rest will surely
die because the food of the world
is not distributed among the needy
of the world
. … *

Lord Said, My heart aches when
I see so many needlessly die; hunger
and pestilence stalk the Earth. Nothing
so moves Me to grief as this shame.
The crime of separation must be
driven from this world. I affirm that
as My Purpose
. [!] (Message No. 93.)

I)  “My Coming portends change;
likewise, grief at the loss of the old
. But, My friends, the old
bottles must be broken — the new wine
deserves better
. (Message No. 82)

30.)  In Wealthy Fully Developed
Western Nations—Affluent, Arrogant &
Having Abundance Of Everything
(Except Morality and Spirituality)
Peoples—Are Living Complacent,
Comfortable & Feeling Good, With
Seeking Endless Fun—
But Failed To
Consider, Sympathize And Share To:
Have-Nots And Neediest Ones

“Millions of people in the
developing nations die of
starvation, not because there is
inadequate food, but because the
developed world usurps and
greedily wastes most of the
available supply
, and 83 per cent of
the energy and other resources. There
is actually a surplus of food in the world
of 10 per cent per capita, yet millions
starve because
many in the
developed world are greedy,
selfish and complacent
* Benjamin Creme, The Reappearance of the Christ and the Masters of Wisdom (1980).
Benjamin Creme, Messages From Maitreya The Christ (2001).