c.)  As Whole Planet Is Undergoing
Final Cleansing — Through Series Of
Natural Calamities, Catastrophes And
Cataclysms (Like Earthquakes,
Explosions, Floods, Hurricanes,
Landslides, Storms, Tsunamis,
Typhoons, Volcanic Eruptions and Wild
Fires) — And Some Man-Made
Disasters And Events

So Everyone (Regardless Of
Region, Nation Or Race)
Will Sooner Or
Later – Encounter And Facing Large
Numbers Of Needy
: Asylum Seekers,
Refugees, Migrants and/or Have-Nots.

e.)  It Is The Collective Karma Of
Individuals, Families, Groups, States,
Nations, Races and Mankind—
Have To Payback (Karmic Retribution

f.)  Happening Already (On Smaller
Scale) — With More And Worse
(Larger Scale) To Come And Happen—
Including In America and Australia—
Until The End Of 2024
Section II.

Now At Completion Of Fifth Race

Final Tests For Everyone
Everywhere – For Selection And
Separation Of unfit From Fit –

To Send To lower worlds

* * *

22.)  Please Bear In Mind The Truth
That """At End Times, Earth Purification
Process Now""":—

a.)  Everything And Everyone Unfit And
Useless For New Higher: Evolution,
Sixth Race And World — Will Destroy
And Perish

***b.)  Lord And Spiritual Hierarchy
Will Giving Series Of Tests To All
Mankind — To Affirm And Make
Decision For Final Selection And
See notes on next page.