Significance Of Brazil’s October
2018 Presidential Election

In Another
2nd Ray Brother Nation""":
a) Present World’s Fourth Largest
Democracy; (
b) Future (Major Portion
Of) Sixth Continent—For Sixth Race;
c) And Future Dwelling Place Of The
Lord Of The World ""Brasil""*:

Very Recently, Thousands Of Brasil
Peoples Gathered Together And Are
Still Protesting
(Across The Nation, In
Cities Like São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro
and Porto Alegre)
Against Newly
, Far Right (or Ultra Right Wing)
Brazilian President,
Jair Bolsonaro
Well-Known For His:

i)  Hostility To Democracy, Human
Rights, Minorities and Environmental

ii)  Being Ardently & Extremely Pro-
Israel—And Will Very Soon Recognize
Jerusalem As "Israel’s Capital", To
Follow With An Embassy Move
Need Higher Vibration Fit For New
Higher World

Everything is about achieving
higher vibration
(with broader
consciousness, higher refined
energy & closer to perfection
) to
continue sustaining, existing and evolve
further & higher

(i)  From planets to nations, states,
cities, institutions, groups and
only by achieving higher
vibration—then eligible, fit and qualify
for higher evolution
(and) can build new
& strong foundation to form–new world
and new future mystery/occult schools—
By Forces of Attraction (
Compassion & Justice
) and Synthesis
with Higher: Consciousness, Energy
and Vibration.

But when repulsive (negative
energy or lower vibration)—
one will
never merge and synthesize with New
: Vibration, Energy and
* Brazil’s Soul Is On The 4th Ray,
Personality Is On The 2nd Ray.