True Justice;


 The United Nations;

 More Than 134 UN Member Nations;

 Historical & International Recognition
of Jerusalem (Al-Quds) As Belonging
Also To Christianity And Islam—In
Terms Of Culture, History & Religion.

Lord And Spiritual Hierarchy
ONLY Accept A Two State
— Which Leads To Arabs
and Jews Living Side-By-Side—
Harmoniously and Peacefully.

There Is No Other Solution.  
Considering All The Sins Committed—
It Is Truly Compassionate, Wise And
Generous To Jews.

Major Important Test For Australia

10.)  For All The Above-Mentioned,
Clear, Obvious and Pure Reasons:

I)  All Goodwill, Justice Loving and
God Laws Abiding Australia
Should Unitedly And

Petition, Remind and Protest To
Concerned Government Authorities
To Timely Stop
Before Too Little,
Too Late
From Committing The Very
Serious National Mistake
Of Officially
Recognizing Jerusalem (Al-Quds) As
The "Capital City Of Israel";

Which (If Committed) IS Against And
Defiant To

 The Will Of God;


 Spiritual Hierarchy;