Attraction By Compassion and
Justice (or) repulsion by against
compassion and justice

8.)  When Correctly Expressing
And Sided With
Oppressed Peoples For Justice –
Out Of Spiritual Soul Nature:

a.)  Then Becomes Powerful
Harmonious, Constructive & Protective:
Force Of Magnetic Attraction
"""Cosmic Magnet & Heart""";

b.)  Enable To Strongly Link To
""Chains Of Cosmic Magnet"";

c.)  Then Be Protecting And Safe
During End Times Final Destructions;
(II)  Compassion (or True Love):

Is Genuine, Giving, Caring,
Serving, Sacrificing Love

Is The Only Way To Ignite and
Kindle Own Inner Heart

Is One’s Spiritual Soul Nature!

(III)  Love is not lust—earthly lust is
taking, through personality’s lower
animal nature.  
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